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photograph nature with Atypic Traveller

Atypic Traveller is a travel creator founded to enhance the traveler’s experiences and personal well-being. We are dedicated to research new tips and new ideas for the travelers to plan and enjoy their trip to its fullest. We offer personalized programs with the most accurate information with updated details. Our packages include trip planning, booking management and the organization of activities.

As your travel companion, we make sure everything related to your trip run smoothly : the trip planning, the excursions’ arrangements, the specific choice of cars and hotels, the booking management, precious tips related to photography, local experiences, wellness,etc,… along with the safety precaution and especially, the quality of information given to you. Alone or in a group, Atypic Traveller is your trustworthy companion before and during your stays.


We are a local
based operator
We have great knowledge of our handpicked destinations and our local partners to realize the vacation you want.

We design tailor-made
Optimum spots to relax, the perfect destinations to unwind, wellness tips to feel better in one’s skin, the perfect reading lists for reading time and journaling, lesser-know spots to slow travel, etc… Every needs and expectations are taken into account to make your journey worth it.

We deliver
the quality
From the information we give to the customized travel guidebook, quality is our top priority to get the most out of the trip.

Our services


We have journeys dedicated to wellness if you seek isolation, relaxation and some unwindments. Get inspired with our seaside breaks’ themes and see what suits you

Walks journeys

Enjoy the benefits of walking in the unequal Madagascar wildlife for your body and mind. Our invigorating journeys are conceived to find the balance in walking and resting, for you to fully relish a full sense of wellbeing.


wildlife photography with Atypic Traveller

Amateur or not, we have selected destinations for the pleasure of capturing mesmerizing scenery. At the right places, the right moment, with the right information, we promise exquisite experience.

Sainte Marie Island Madagascar

Private cruise and
islands’ exploration

Wake up in some remote islands, enjoy diving experience without the crowds, sample seafood dishes : taking a private catamaran cruise is an unequal experience to live at least once in your life. You can find out more in our journey « sweet escape in the islands »


travel solo with Atypic Traveller

What is the benefit of travelling if you cannot really spend time doing what you like ? Our trips value the time and the effort of taking trips, for you to get the most out of your travel in Madagascar. Slow travel helps also support the local economy, which makes your trip more realistically sustainable.