Everything to know about digital detox while traveling

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When traveling, have you ever felt completely detached from everything and live your dream vacation to its fullest ? Or are you convinced that there is no way to really take a break because you just can’t. Well, now you can thanks to digital detox tours. As you will discover later, disconnected travel has the power to make the whole travel experience different and better. Now, let’s see why does it really work and most importantly, how.

New experience

Digital detox is simply defined as traveling with less or even no access to technology devices. For example, when you arrive at your destination visiting some place, you can only use your camera for pictures, no social media chat or email check. In that case, the term disconnected travel just makes sense. Is it effective ? Yes, research says that digital detox while traveling transforms the travel into a better experience : living the travel experience to its fullest in terms of time and space, enjoying more the company of other travelers and connect with the locals. Besides, people tend to be less stressed as there is no expectation to some social media notifications. They also become thoughtful to the environment around.

Personal journey

Can digital detox be a personal journey for the atypic traveller ? Yes, whether it is your bucket list trip or your wellness travel . First of all, whatever your choice of destination, you can live a different journey from your daily life : you are disconnected from the amount of information on your screen and you are far away from being disturbed by email and social media notifications. Then, there is the emotional part of the experience : living the present moment, getting all your attention to this moment, you really have your time for yourself. Do not forget, it’s your travel, and you are living it without anything stealing your time, literally.  Apart from that, being introvert or extrovert does not matter because you have all your attention  for the people around you, whether they are travelers like you or the locals. With more exchanges and engaging conversations, you are learn more things. You are applying your communication skills. It is even better to live this experience with other people, friends or family, so that, you have other people to turn to when you feel alone if the habit of checking your phone every second comes back.

As a travel company, we are here to accompany you whatever your travel style for your first (or next) digital travel detox in Madagascar. We will be pleased to tailor-make you trip with the appropriate choice of destinations, hotels and activities according to your expectations. To make a request,  you can  fill this form : https://www.atypic-traveller.com/atypic-information-request/

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