Inspiring epic landscapes

Ahead of you is a mesmerizing scenery, it could be the captivating sandstone of Isalo, the crumbly red tsingy or the dramatic view on the cliff of Cape Sainte Marie. Then, there is you and your camera. Amateur or not, capturing this moment is a pure ravishing experience : once you click, this enchanting beauty belongs to you…Through our journeys, we let you enjoy the magic ofexploring Madagascar’s natural scenery, a way to recognize its beauty and for you to appreciate the present and keep this experience with you.

Insight about the destinations

The Isalo National Park  : it has one of the most impressive scenery in Madagascar : sandstones are shaped in some very strange ways making the view over the canyons amazing.

The « Allée des baobabs »  : on both sides of the road stand proudly majestic baobabs, whose branches seem to grasp the sky, and waiting to be pictured. The scenery is just matchless and worth it !

The tsingy of Bemaraha : it represents the true nature’s masterpiece, it consists of pinnacled limestone carved by the erosion million years ago along with very particular fauna and flora species.  Exploring the area is the challenge, but the reward is worth it : a spectacular view over the grey tsingy.

The Montagne d’Ambre National Park : Somewhere in the northern arid plain, there is a luxuriant nature, where a biodiversity and wild plants such as orchids thrive. It offers a delightful experience to enjoy the benefits of green nature and to take great picture of wildlife, beautiful waterfalls and lakes. Whatever the season, Montagne d’Ambre will amaze you with its marvels.

The tsingy rouges : This is a lovely place to escape : crumbly red tsingy offer spectacular view, the formation is pretty fascinating with its red brick color and strange-looking shape. The walk is very enjoyable and you will have plenty of time to picture all this piece of art.

The tsingy of Ankarana : Discover the intriguing, yet fascinating tsingy of Ankarana. Different natural elements make this natural area a great playground to get out of your comfort zone : caves, dry forest, and dark grey pinnacles limestones called « tsingy ». Wildlife abundance will make a great distraction and the panoramic view on the suspended bridge is striking.

Cap Sainte Marie Reserve : is a stopover to venture to the Great South. What makes it unique is its reserve : home of hundreds of  tortoise, presence of Aepyornis relics, the whole package with the wild white beaches. Cap Sainte Marie is also where the Mozambic Channel and Indian Ocean meet, the view from the cliff is breathtaking, giving an astounding sense of isolation. Between july and september, whaleswatching is just a divine experience.

The charming city of Fort Dauphin : established on small peninsula, surrounded by the beach, the mountains along with spiny forests, giving romantic and idyllic vibes, Fort Dauphin is one of the most beautiful cities in Madagascar.

majestic baobabs of Madagascar
Pain de sucre in the north of Madagascar
wild and beautiful Isalo National Park, the most visited protected area of Madagascar
gorgeous geological formation in the Bemaraha National Park Madagascar
magnificent view in the beautiful city of Fort Dauphin

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