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Couples traveling to Madagascar : our top travel recommendations

One of the best way to enjoy life is travelling with your loved ones. There are many reasons on why you choose to travel in couple. One of them is to enjoy life differently and escape from routines. The other one is to dedicate time for each other. Lastly, it could be your honeymoon travel. If you want to travel in couple, the key is to make compromises as taste and personalities differ from one person to another. Finding a destination where you can find different things to do and to see is a good way to start. Today, we dedicate travel tips for couples who want to travel to Madagascar but do not know what to do. 

When traveling in couple, the key is to make compromises as taste and personalities differ from one person to another

Masoala Forest Lodge

If you love nature, wildlife (especially wildlife) AND pristine beaches far from the crowd

There is one destination that fulfill all those criterias and that is Masoala Peninsula. Not only it is largest national park of Madagascar but it is a first-class wildlife destination : endemic species, unspoiled primary forest, offshore reefs,etc… The beach is the cherry on the top : secluded beaches with white sand and cristal clear water. All without the crowds (the place is accessible only by plane and boat/walk). We offer awesome travel packages where all the activities on spot, a personal guide,  different visits and the hotel with the food are included. And if it is your honeymoon travel, we have an interesting offer for that occasion. Make your request here

You want to see as many things as possible and create new memories together

Traveling to Madagascar means that in one single trip, you can visit world renowned natural parks, experience Madagascar fascinating cultural diversity and stay in different hotels concept (lodges, boutique hotels, resorts, luxury tent) and still relax in the beach in the end if you want too. What’s more, you have a personal tour guide with you so that you can focus on enjoying your trip. Then, if you want some freedom to explore on your own, we take care of the bookings and you still have our support on advice and recommendations. Whether you want a trip 100% tailor-made for you until the finest details or you want to see only the best of Madagascar island aka Madagascar bucket list trip, the possibility is endless.

All you want is a beautiful beach resort with a personalized service and have nature within your reach

Traveling in Madagascar is never a matter of budget. The flight cost may vary from acceptable to expensive regarding your country of departure, but the rest is up to you. Do you want to go where the sun is up almost 365 days a year (because with a sea vacation comes the sun, right ?) ? Do you want to marvel at the beautiful islands of the north, go on a catamaran cruise ? Or you want a remote place where you can scuba dive ? Really, the cost is the last thing you have to worry. The best thing about this is you still have the choices on what kind of spot you want to stay in, what kind of atmosphere you are looking or where you can exchange with the locals.

Atypic Traveller is above all an english-speaking travel company. It means that we are dedicated to serve international travelers, no matter your country of origin, your race, your culture and your life perspective. Secondly, we work with partners in all Madagascar to realize the trip of your life. Your specific requests and travel styles are welcome. Last but not the least, we are a travel companion. We support travelers and go through the travel planning and travel assistance. For more information, email us directly on .

Credit photo : Masoala Rainforest Lodge