Top 50 Madagascar destinations to know before planning your trip

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If you want some ideas for your next Madagascar trip, this article presents the top 50 Madagascar destinations. From wildife tour to luxury bespoke travel, you can choose the best Madagascar beaches and tours. Are you traveling to Madagascar for the first time ? This guide will help you decide which Madagascar destinations suit you the most. Local tour operators will help you design the best itinerary with the right hotels.

  1. Akanin’ny Nofy : a cozy place in the nature where you can recharge your battery and see lemurs nearby.  

  2. Allee Des Baobabs : a stupendous scenery of majestic baobabs on each side of the road to capture on your camera.

  3. Ambanja : where the most prestigious chocolate makers draw their most precious ingredient : the cocoa of Madagascar

  4. Ambatolampy : a small village where you watch in fascination skilled artisans use the remnants of cars, called aluminium, to produce pots and other cooking ustensils.

  5. Ambohimanga : where you get a glimpse at the once upon a time Madagascar royal castle

  6. Analamazaotra : a pleasant destination to discover lemurs for the first time

  7. Andavadoaka : Top destination for diving in the Great Reef 

  8. Andringitra : a worth it hiking park with gorgeous views on the top, definitely off the beaten track

  9. Anja Reserve : a nice detour to meet ring-tailed lemurs on your way down the south

  10. Anjajavy : a remote luxury resort on an unspoiled peninsula

  11. Anjohibe : picturesque strange-shaped caves on the inside, fabulous natural pools on the outside

  12. Ankarafantsika : best national park stopover for birdwatchers

  13. Ankarana : an epic scenery of dark grey limestone pinacles called tsingy with a splash of dry forest.

  14. Antsirabe : where the perfect city tour takes place : a rickshaw balad to shop arts and chat with the artisans, ending with cocktails and succulent food in local restaurants by the evening.

  15. Baie D’antongil : one of the key destinations to watch humpback whales on the east side.

  16. Baie De Baly : home to the endangered ploughshare tortoise, a great point it is remote !

  17. Belo Sur Mer : a nice beach break in the western adventure

  18. Berenty : a « must » lemur destination if you happen to come down the Great South

  19. Canal Des Pangalanes : where you relish eastern wilderness with its greenery

  20. Cap Sainte Marie : The southernmost tip of Madagascar where you watch the Ocean down from the cliff, and a once-in-a lifetime journey when whales come by.  

  21. Diego : Idyllic , cosmopolitan city where all adventures start.  

  22. Fianarantsoa : time-travel by walking past old Malagasy architecture, a worldly monument !

  23. Great Reef : the fifth largest coral reef in the world

  24. Ilakaka : a sapphire town to discover on your RN7 roadtrip

  25. Ile aux Nattes : a white sandy island with no crowds on the horizon

  26. Isalo : Scenic canyons out of old western movies

  27. Itampolo : where the Great Reef ends, the gorgeous beach is the cherry on the top.  

  28. Kirindy Reserve : a top wildlife destination every nature lovers should see.

  29. Kirindy-Mitea : an isolated nature to enjoy beautiful landscapes and a sample of wildlife.

  30. Lavanono : Madagascar’s destination for surfing. No other place could compete the waves here.

  31. Lokobe : home to the Black lemur and the northwestern endemic forest.

  32. Makay Massif : Undoubtedly, Madagascar’s wonder of the world.

  33. Manakara : the starting point of your one-day journey through the Canal des Pangalanes

  34. Manambolo : a complete nature immersion in the time of a remote boat trip.

  35. Mandrare River Camp : where you get a taste of a safari journey made in Madagascar !

  36. Mantadia : eastern most appealing rainforest park.

  37. Marojejy : Off The Beaten Track Wildlife Exploration

  38. Masoala : The Perfect combination Of Pristine Beach And extraordinary Wildlife 

  39. Mer D’emeraude : Swim In Emerald Blue Water and sunbathe on a desert Island 

  40. Miavana Time&Tide : the over the top Madagascar’s luxury resort.

  41. Mitsio Archipelago : the best destination for catamaran cruise trip

  42. Montagne D’ambre : the green pearl of the North with its rainfalls, lakes and verdant forest.

  43. Mont Passot : Nosy Be’s highest point to admire sunsets and a wonderful panoramic view.

  44. Nosy Iranja : Two islands joined by a stretched white sandbank where you can walk at low tide

  45. Nosy Mangabe : a mountainous green island where exotic animals thrive.

  46. Nosy Tanikely : a sheltered island with corals, fishes and sea turtles to discover.

  47. Nosy Ve : Where you can enjoy a nice snorkelling day without being disturbed 

  48. Pain De Sucre : a small version of Rio de Janeiro’s sugar loaf but sacred to the locals.

  49. Ranomafana : a refreshing stopover where you spot the endemic bamboo lemur  

  50. Sahambavy : where the picturesque tea plantation of Madagascar is based.

  51. Sainte Marie : the Picture Perfect Tropical Beach 

  52. Salary : a remote beach paradise to relax

  53. Sambava : a city where the scent of vanilla is alluring and is the gateway to the Marojejy National Park.

  54. Tritriva : a chilling gothic vibe lake and a fascinating tragic tale that goes with it

  55. Tsarabanjina : a high end resort on an heavenly island for the dreamers.

  56. Tsimanampetsotse : a oasis in the southern dry atmosphere offering a magnificent scenery for the visitors

  57. Tsingy Rouges : where you witness the touch of nature’s masterpieces

  58. Zafimaniry Village : home of the talented-born woodcarver tribe.

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