Madagascar Wildlife experiences : where nature immersion and personal wellness join together (part 3)

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The pandemic did harm on our mental health, making more and more frequent the depression, the anxiety and stress. Enjoying some time alone or with the loved ones in the nature seems to be the perfect cure. Actually, spending some moments outdoor bring what we always seek for our wellness: relaxation, unwindment and peacefulness. And, remote destinations such as Madagascar are what we especially need to get away from the stressful living in urban environments. If we could choose one destination to represent Madagascar’s uniqueness, it would be the Masoala Peninsula.

Back to the basis : the nature

Nature offers more than sightseeing. From the change of environment to the deep connection with the nature, changes start to operate in our state of mind, our perspectives, then in our body. And, usual vacation activities like hiking, photography, scuba diving,… become more than discoveries. It is that simple. Regimens, timing, duration of physical activities are orchestrated in order to get one goal : to make us feel better. Relaxing activity such as spa moments is not just an option anymore, it becomes a necessity. 

Where nature is luxury

Masoala  Peninsula is one of the best places in Madagascar thanks to its location, its biodiversity and its precious rainforest. Located on the northeastern coast of Madagascar,it is also the biggest national park of Madagascar. It shelters exceptional animals and vegetation. Luxuriant nature and the sea offer an incredible wild and breathtaking scenery. Besides, the sea, or rather the marine protected area  is a treasure trove of magnificent creatures. Every year from July to september, the Masoala coast welcomes giant humpback whales when giving birth, the spectacle is just incredible.

Nature-based experiences are the new trend

Masoala peninsula is a huge space, accessible only by plane and many parts of the protected areas can only be joined by hiking. Besides, the best nature-based experiences are au rendez vous : hiking in the best environment, sea kayaking, swimming, scuba diving, whalewatching, wildlife watching and photography. It just seems like the perfect place to escape. But how about the lodging ? Eco-friendly of course, with some luxury and safari vibes.   is available, completely free and safe if you have requests of information, or whatever you need.

We need breaks, retreats and getaways from time to time. As we have seen, traveling in off the beaten track destinations like Masoala Peninsula gives more than the thrill of wildlife discovery. The opportunity to enjoy nature immersion in all its splendor and the privilege of what an off the beaten track destination offers is priceless. is dedicated to the eastern Madagascar if you want to have an idea about the journey with us.