The first time you travel to Madagascar : our new travel tips on what to do and what to see in 2022.

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Where to go, what to see ? These are questions you may ask yourself if you have never traveled to Madagascar and that’s completely normal. Madagascar is still considered as an off-the-beaten track destination for international travellers.  We then hope you will get some ideas if you decide to travel to Madagascar soon. Know that nature including wildlife and pristine beaches without the crowd are the « crème de la crème » when it comes to visiting the island. But wait, there are more.

By season : the best wildlife experience

Whaleswatching is a true delight if want to live one of the best wildlife experiences in Madagascar. From July to september, giant humpback whales come to the warm water of Madagascar to give birth, and you can watch them from Sainte Marie Island or from Masoala Peninsula at this time of the year. It’s worth mentioning that it’s also the peak season as most travellers visit Madagascar at this period. So early booking is highly recommended.  

By travel style : the best of Madagascar beaches

Are you more into a « sea and sun » traveler ? Relax in Madagascar’s most beautiful islands and archipelagos with its fine sandy beaches, beautiful hotels and facilities ranging from the coziest to the high-end ones. And there are more, Madagascar’s waters host fascinating marine creatures, adding some twist to your usual beach vacation and making your stay far more enjoyable than you would expect. Not sure if you like what you will see ? I invite you to see our travel sample here.

By personal interest : your favorite activities in the best locations

Do nature, hiking or water sports activities say something to you ? Eastern Madagascar offers you the most exquisite nature and hiking experiences if you want to enjoy some. As for water sports activities, the North would be your perfect destination on its best season, from April to November.

windsurf Madagascar

We hope you enjoy reading this post and get some ideas when you decide to go for Madagascar destination as your next trip. We will get back soon for more recommendations. By the way, is available if you have any travel projects or quotes requests, all for free !