the Madagascar wildlife travel guide

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If you decide to travel in Madagascar for its wildlife, you have made the best decision. Not only is the big Island an authentic destination thanks to its incredible nature but it has some of the most marvellous landscapes in the world. In any part of the country, you can be sure that you won’t be bored to see the same thing again again. The great advantage of the red Island is its exceptional diversity in anything, like anything !!! The climate is different, the ecosystems are different. Thus, the landscapes you see are different and the wildlife you experience is different. This is our wildlife travel guide for those willing to travel to Madagascar and live the wildlife experience of a lifetime.

Why Madagascar ?

I have two big reasons on why Madagascar is the best choice of destination if you like nature, wildlife and landscapes. First of all, Madagascar has an extraordinary biodiversity : the different landscapes and change of ecosystems and the endemic animal species. That is something you can experience only in Madagascar. Here, you witness mother Nature’s masterpieces in the North, in the west and in the highlands. You also have the opportunity to enjoy nature discovery in different itineraries and roadtrips according to the period of your travel.

Secondly, traveling to Madagascar gives you the freedom to explore. Though there is high season period, I can say that you have the rest of the year to still travel in total freedom. Madagascar is still an off the beaten track destination. It means that there are many places here that are left untouched due to the access and the cost of stays. Traveling to these places is discovering what the most of travelers do not. It offers a different experience in a much better way.

A successful travel requires a good planning 

When traveling to Madagascar, planning is the key. Although it is challenging (and rewarding) to travel on your own, you need the right team to get to your destinations. It means that you have people that have knowledge of different travel services you need. Most importantly, you have a team you can trust, who is legally registered, working with local partners and giving you the advantage to purchase great package deals.

I know, you can travel anytime but planning ahead of time is the best way to ensure that everything will run smoothly. First, your hotel bookings are secured which means that you do not have to worry about where to stay anymore once on spot. Most importantly, planning ahead of time gives you the freedom to choose : anything. You can have any hotels you want, stay in places you want. You just can’t get pressured since most hotels are available when bookings are made ahead of time. 

Once on spot, you can travel with a total peace of mind because you have someone that welcomes you and assists you during your trip. You have a person you can rely on, especially if you travel for the first time in the country. This is one of the best advantages of traveling with local operators. Whether you are traveling alone or in group, you have someone in charge of rechecking your bookings, answering your questions and giving the advice you need. Consequently, you travel with no stress and can enjoy your trip in the best way possible.

What to do on a wildlife trip in Madagascar

Exploring national parks is the best way to discover Madagascar’s wildlife. Whatever your itinerary, you can be sure that you will have at least one national park on your way. But if you want to dedicate wildlife discovery for your trip, privilege these destinations.

First is the Allée des Baobabs, Madagascar’s most picturesque scenery. This is a beautiful place you can visit if you opt for a travel in the West. We have dedicated a travel inspiration on Madagascar’s best landscapes here.  Another « must » destination for wildlife lovers is the nearby Kirindy reserve. This consists of a dry deciduous forest sheltering the elusive Fossa and other fascinating creatures you can spot on a day walk (but a night walk is also an exquisite experience). Last but not the least is the extraordinary Masoala Peninsula where the biggest national park of Madagascar is located. But that is not the only reason to see this place. Due the access, it has one of the best rainforests in Madagascar, home of many endemic plants and animal species. We have talked about the Masoala travel experience on our blog post here. 

As for the best activities to do in a Madagascar wildlife trip, you can go for a photography journey in the wild Isalo National Park and the tsingy of Bemaraha, go hiking in the off the beaten track Andringitra National Park or in the Marojejy National. You can also go on a safari journey in the Mandrare where you meet lemurs, baobabs in the authentic spiny forest of the South. You have guessed it, Madagascar has a lot to offer both in terms of quantity and quality of wildlife destinations and experiences.

To take a successful wildlife travel in Madagascar, you need to have the right information to prepare the best experience of your lifetime. For starting travel plans or getting travel ideas from our team, make sure to email us directly at or submit your request here. This is a safe plateform where you can be sure that your privacy information is disclosed and won’t never be misused.