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Jeu, 16 Juin 2022

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Couples traveling to Madagascar : our top travel recommendations One of the best way to enjoy life is travelling with your loved ones. There are many reasons on why you choose to travel in couple. One of them is to enjoy life differently […]

Mar, 14 Sep 2021

Madagascar destinations for luxury travels

Today, you will discover our very special travel tips for luxury holidays. Madagascar has hidden gems that you could explore, where you could relax and probably could offer you the lifetime experience you are looking for. Whether you are used to luxury travel or not, you may be in search of a new destination, a […]

Sam, 17 Juil 2021

Madagascar Wildlife experiences : where nature immersion and personal wellness join together (part 3)

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn The pandemic did harm on our mental health, making more and more frequent the depression, the anxiety and stress. Enjoying some time alone or with the loved ones in the nature seems to be the perfect cure. Actually, spending some moments outdoor bring […]

Mar, 29 Juin 2021

Madagascar Wildlife experiences : ideas on how to live sensational journey (part 2)

Like any other destinations, there is more than the cliché when it comes to Madagascar. Cliché is the popular, most attractive things travel marketers want to put in our mind in their advertising. Nevertheless, for your wildlife journey, you may travel for different reasons and we want you to have choices on how you spend […]

Sam, 19 Juin 2021

Madagascar Wildlife experiences : everything you need to know to travel differently (part 1)

Renowned as the top destination for nature lovers, Eastern Madagascar is a classic stopover to get a glimpse at Madagascar wildlife. The forest is the home of fantastic creatures and the coast has the privilege to welcome giant humpback whales on winter season. This is the first part of our series dedicated to wildlife experiences […]